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Paladin Property Development is a property investment, development and management company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company specializes in real estate project management, aspiring to deliver a comprehensive development service that combines and intergrates all phases and aspects of the development process.

Development Process


Regardless of its suitability and profit potential, successful property investment requires careful management throughout all phases of planning, realization and operation. Paladin Property Development is committed to providing a full-spectrum, value-driven real estate development and management service that combines, coordinates and integrates all aspects of development and operation. This means that each phase of your investment is executed with consideration for subsequent phases and the final project deliverables, ensuring an optimized development process and the smooth and proficient future operation of your facility.


Paladin provides comprehensive integrated real estate investment management services:

  • Real Estate Project Management - RE project management is Paladin's main object of activity and our team's greatest field of experience. From the initial phases of resource planning, budgeting and scheduling to the final stages of commissioning and permit issuing, our team will plan, coordinate, monitor and steer your project to success.
  • Facility Management - Our specialists are trained to understand the maintenance and service needs of different types of facilities and know what can go wrong and how to prevent it, so that you can stop worrying about your facilities and get on with your main object of activity.
  • Land Acquisition, Compacting and Zoning Services - Choosing the right location, finding the right plot, negotiating it to the right price and completing all necessary legal procedures can make or break an investment project. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market and administrative processes allows us to present our clients with transparency and flexibility in property acquisition, zoning and permit issuing.
  • Procurement Procedures Execution - Quality, cost and timing are necessarily and significantly impacted by the choice of contractors and the respective contractual arrangements made. With extensive and wide-ranging experience and an established network, Paladin is prepared successfully guide you through your contractual procurement.
  • Sourcing of RE Investment Opportunities - Paladin has a history with and a passion for entrepreneurial projects, initiated at the right time, the right place and serving the right function. This combined with our local market knowledge, networking and experience ensures a constant selection of high-value investment opportunities.
  • Real Estate Research and Appraisal Services - Our team of specialists offers various market research, financial modeling and valuation services for better and more informed decision-making.
  • Masterplanning and Design Works - Paladin offers tailor-made design and land planning solutions based on in-depth analysis with a focus on long-term value, functionality and cost-efficiency.
  • Management Advisory Services - Whether you are a start-up real estate business or an established organization in need of specific support, Paladin Property Development can offer you high-value management advisory services, lending our know-how and experience for your success.

For further information about Paladin Property Development, please download our latest company presentation here.

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5 Slavyanska Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
t: 359 2 915 8010
f: 359 2 981 5812

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